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  1. Utilizing the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program to Your Advantage

    If the thought of being investigated by the IRS makes you feel uneasy, you may want to get your financial situation in order before it is too late. Withholding information regarding foreign income or assets is a criminal offense, but there is a way to make amends with the government before you come under investigation. The Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program ( Esquiregroup.Com/Offshore-voluntary-disclosure-program ) offers individuals a way to erase their past mistakes and move forward in a more ...
  2. Term Life Insurance in Alberta

    There are several kinds of life insurance in Alberta, and one of the most commonly known is term. Today we will take a look at term life insurance ( Reassured.Ca/Term-life-insurance-alberta ), and what makes it so affordable.

    What is term life insurance?

    Term life insurance, unlike permanent insurance, is specifically designed to cover risks for a set number of years (aka, the term). You will commonly see this expressed as Term 10 (a 10-year policy), Term 20 (a 20 year ...
  3. Benefits of Retirement Solutions in San Antonio

    Retirement is one of the most important phases of a person’s life and being prepared for a financially strong old age is always wise. Retirement plans are the best when it comes to being financially prepared for old age. Many business organization offer retirement solutions ( Harringroup/Retirement-solutions ) to their employees and the solutions work in a very systematic and planned manner. Be it the employer or the employee, both parties have advantages from retirement solutions in San Antonio. ...

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  4. Taking Your Business Worldwide : The Importance of an International Tax Consultant

    It's an exciting time to be in almost any line of business. Web-based communications and technology have opened up a literal world of opportunity in almost every sector. Whether you're dealing in products or services, serving a large audience, or a specific niche, there are more opportunities than ever before because you can tap into an international audience at the click of a button. Of course, many businesses find themselves hesitant to take the leap into international business because they know ...
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  5. All You Need to Know about Individual Health Insurance in Alberta

    Try to live without individual health insurance in Alberta, and you will have sticker shock at your first prescription purchase or dental visit. What if you injure yourself while playing sports and need a physiotherapist? Perhaps something tragic has affected your life and you’d love to speak with a mental health professional. The fact is, things happen in life. It’s unavoidable – and it can also be expensive.

    Even though the provincial government covers some health costs, your out-of-pocket ...
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